Product Description

The most common use for the 2” Pipe adapter is attaching lamp bars or pipe conduit to the inside or the outside of the ModTruss Truss.

Technical Highlights

Model: MT-PA-06-06-2-0

Standard Material: A36 Low Carbon Steel
Standard Finish: Zinc Clear
Available Finish(es): Powder Coating 21-25
Size: 2.06″ x 4.4″ x 5.04″
5.23 x 11.18 x 12.80 cm
Weight: 2.06 lbs.
0.54 kg
Hole Size: 11/16″-Fits 5/8″ Bolt
Recommended Hardware: 5/8″-2″ Grade 8 Bolt set
Recommended Tools: ModTruss Took Kit

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